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Rubik's Cube Corner: In-Person

Rubik's Cube Corner:

Starting March 2022, the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 4-5pm

Grades 5 and up

Speedcubing is a hobby where someone solves a Rubik's cube as fast as they can. In this Cube Corner, we hope to bring the joy of cubing to more people and we also hope to expand the cubing community.

As cubing is a progressive hobby, when organizing this program, we will need to split people up into different groups based on their skill level.

  • Beginner - Are interested in learning how to solve the cube, need to be taught.

    • Can be taught by anyone who knows the beginner’s method

  • Intermediate - Know how to solve the cube using the beginners' method but want to improve their time (CFOP)

    • Can be taught through a presentation along with videos

  • Advanced - Know how to solve the cube with at least F2L, maybe even OLL and PLL, want to further improve their time

    • As this is relatively advanced, this needs to be taught by someone who knows full CFOP


At the end of this program, our goal is for everyone to be able to solve the cube. We plan to hold an unofficial competition at the end as well where everyone can experience what a cubing competition feels like.

Our Teen Club Leaders for the Cube Corner:

Evan Yao (WCA ID 2021YAOE02) is currently a freshman at Newark Academy. He is a swimmer and trumpet player and also has many diverse hobbies, including fish keeping and speed-cubing. He learned how to solve a 3x3 when he was seven. When the pandemic started, he suddenly had an abundance of time so he decided to put more effort into this hobby. Over the course of the last year and a half, he has gotten his 3x3 average from 35 seconds down to around 10 seconds with a personal best single of 5.96 seconds, and his personal best average of five being 8.95 seconds. His official average is 12.30 seconds.


Carson Widjaja (WCA ID 2018WIDJ01) is a current 8th grader at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School. He enjoys playing basketball, tennis and plays musical instruments such as cello and piano. He learned to solve a 3x3 in 2018, when he was 10 years old. In July of 2018, he attended his first competition where he got a 28.67 average. With much practice over the 3.5 years, Carson brought down his official 3x3 average to 7.59 seconds and has an official single of 6.62 seconds. At home, his best average is a 6.19 and his best single is a 4.26. Currently, Carson averages around 7 seconds. https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/persons/2018WIDJ01

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4:00pm - 5:30pm
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